Stephen W. Dodd

District 2

DeSoto County Schools

DeSoto County, Mississippi

A Little About Me

Our Family - 2004

Steve and Dana
Daughter Mandy and Son-In-Law Jeremy 

DeSoto County has been our home since the winter of 1999. We moved here from Memphis because of the "small town" feel that Southaven showed. Although the city and county have grown greatly, there is still a "small town" feel and some of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. Little did I realize when we moved here that I would be part of the political climate. Moving to Southaven and running for the School Board.....two decisions I will never regret.

Family is very important to me and in fact they will always come first. My family consists of my wife, Dana and one daughter, Mandy. Dana and I met at a Christian Singles Conference in Cordova, Tennessee one cold, dreary, rainy day. It was love at first sight for me but it took a little convincing before I won Dana over. Never let it be said that persistence doesn't pay off. These two ladies have been a world of support for me in every part of my life. I owe each of them a tremendous amount of gratitude.

Mandy met a wonderful you man, Jeremy, at a Single Group at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis. Well it wasn't too long until they were married. Like every father in this situation, I was thrilled for her and at the same time couldn't believe my little girl was moving out of the house. Then to make it worse, in October of 2004, they moved to Hudson, Ohio where Jeremy had accepted a very good position as a programmer.

I once heard a very good saying and it is so true, "If you want to know what is important in life, look at the pictures in your wallet." I doubt very seriously most of us have pictures of our office, cubicle, car, truck or the material things in life. Our family pictures are in our wallets because that is what is most important.

As you can tell, church plays a very important role in our lives. Dana and I are charter members of HeartLand Church in Southaven. It is a very new church and is currently meeting at the DeSoto Central High School on Getwell Road until a more permanent home can be found. Dana and I have a "weekend" place in Pikeville, KY and regularly attend the First Baptist Church of Pikeville, KY when we are in the area.

On the vocational side, Both Dana and I work for FedEx Express. I am in the Technology Services Division and Dana is a recruiter for the Finance Division. I have been with FedEx for 20 years and Dana has 17 years of service. We have found our time at FedEx to be vastly rewarding and have learned a great deal from our tenure. We hope to retire from FedEx one of these days and head to the hills of Eastern Kentucky where we will fulfill our dreams of living in a log home overlooking the mountain scenery.


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